Quality Roach Control in El Paso

Living in the desert, it’s no surprise to see a critter or two running around outside, but when that critter multiplies and ends up in the comfort of your home, it can be quite worrisome. At Brants Pest Control, we’re dedicated to safely and effectively handling bug infestations and can help you get rid of yours.

Types of Roaches and Where to Look for Them

German roaches, not to be confused with American roaches, which we commonly see here too, are the small roaches that make their way into our kitchen cabinets. German roaches are harmless to humans, but it can still be a nasty to pain to have them around the house. As part of the insect family, German roaches have the iconic antennae, three body sections, and six legs. German roaches are omnivorous, meaning they eat both meat and plants. They typically prefer meat and foods high in starch, sugar, and fat. If they struggle to find food, they’ll resort to eating things like toothpaste and lotion. So to help keep them at bay, you’ll want to keep these products out of reach.

American Roaches

El Paso is also home to American roaches. They are typically much larger than German roaches, but share many of the same characteristics. These roaches are nocturnal, meaning they are active and feed at night. A lot of the time, when you see them during the day, you have an infestation. This is because the ones that come out during the day are usually pushed out of the nest, disturbing them enough to become active.

Oriental Roaches

Oriental roaches also plague the borderland. These roaches are typically darker and slower than the other two. A typical sign you have an infestation is egg casings. Females carry rectangular egg casings on their backs. After the eggs hatch, they leave the casing behind. They’re easy to spot, and if you find multiple casings, chances are you have an infestation. Oriental roaches typically hide out in damp, dark areas like drains and pipes. It’s best to keep an eye out in those areas for them.

If you think you have an infestation, look out for small pieces of fecal matter, dead roaches, and an oily, musky smell. If you only see a couple every now and then, the smell won’t be as prominent. Normally, odor is a tell tale sign of a large group or infestation, not just a single roach. If you do need roach control, we’ll eliminate the issue. We’ve been controlling German roaches for 20 years now, so we have the experience necessary to make your infestation a distant memory.